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Eckener-Schule Flensburg :: Berufliche Schule der Stadt Flensburg im RBZ

Friesische Lücke 15
24937 Flensburg

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Alexander Eckener

Alex Eckener

Alex Eckener was a painter, illustrator, etcher, lithographer and engraver. He was Hugo's younger brother.

Alex was born in Flensburg on August 21st, 1870. His birthplace is the so-called "Eckener house" wherein a restaurant is located now.

Already as a child Alex was very talented in drawing and a teacher gave him the first art lessons. He passed the entrance examination at the Munich Academy of Arts on his first try. This is where he studied from 1888 until 1892.

After his studies he returned to Flensburg. Here he painted works of regional art although he did not confine himself to it.

After his time in Flensburg he went to the academy in Stuttgart. His professor taught him the art of etching which he operated with great enthusiasm. Because of his great success in this field he was appointed lecturer at the Academy of Arts in 1908 and became a professor in 1912; in 1925 he became a tenured professor for lithography and engraving.  After that he became the principal of the academy. He officiated until 1928.

His main merit as a painter was his closeness to the people and above all the choice of motifs of the industry; he was interested in the working man amidst the machines. This work in Realism shows his social relatedness. Alex was also influenced by Impressionism and Art Nouveau.

He died in Aalen in 1944.


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